Larco White Paper Reveals Copper as a Helpful Ally in Reducing Hospital-acquired Infections

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (Jan. 19, 2017) – ATEK Access Technologies today released “

A New Ally in the Fight Against Bacteria that Cause Healthcare-acquired Infections (HAIs) ,” a free white paper from its Larco brand that provides insight on how using copper alloy materials, such as push plates, in a healthcare setting can help decrease a hospitals’ bacterial burden. The educational paper touches on how copper actively prevents HAIs and creates a healthier environment for patients and employees.

“No matter how thoroughly hospitals clean, harmful bacteria from previous patients can lurk and grow rapidly, infecting new patients and harming a hospital’s bottom-line,” said Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK Access Technologies. “Copper continuously kills 99.9 percent of bacteria without added cleaning measures, making it an essential surface material to use within high-traffic and infectious settings.”

The white paper reveals the annual high cost HAIs have on hospitals, including direct consequences such as decreased funding and a deteriorating reputation. It highlights opportunities and examples of change within hospitals in order to prevent HAIs, including a study by Grinnell College and Grinnell Regional Medical Center which found that by using copper alloy materials in hospital settings, a hospital’s bacteria burden substantially decreases. A case study involving Larco’s CopperSheild push plates which helped Pullman Regional Hospital lower its HAI rate well below the national average is also featured in the white paper.

Included in the white paper are two infographics provided by CuVerro®, comparing how metal high-touch surface areas throughout a hospital, such as disinfectant dispensers, push plates and door handles harbour harmful bacteria, whereas copper surfaces hold little to none. With this in-depth report, Larco provides extensive knowledge and solutions to fix an ongoing and harmful issue within the healthcare industry.

“Our goal with our CopperShield product is to help hospitals focus on their main purpose: healing,” added McDaniel. “By implementing copper surfaces, healthcare organizations can comply with the set standard, improve patient safety and focus on maintaining the health of the people within the facility as well as the health of the hospital’s reputation."

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