Larco HandiTap Wall Switch Opens the Doors to Total Access

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (June 1, 2015) – In an effort to provide ease of accessibility for all people including those with mobility devices, both manual and motorized, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC today launched the Larco HandiTap touch-activated wall switch. The HandiTap switch is four inches wide and available in 36 or 9 inch lengths, allowing it to be easily tapped by a wheel chair, gurney or hip at any height level.

“Traditional actuators can be inconvenient for not only wheelchair users, but also for those who have their hands full with coffee or paperwork, or even parents pushing a stroller,” said Scott Gardeen, senior product manager for Larco products. “The 36-inch HandiTap wall switch replaces the high/low switch mechanisms, allowing for activation at any approach or height level.”

The HandiTap switch features a vertical, rounded design and anodized aluminum finish that is aesthetically pleasing, while providing reliable operation. Its rugged and durable design also features a handicap logo with text. The wall switch is also easy to install in interior or exterior locations.

In addition to healthcare facilities, the HandiTap switches are ideal for use in universities, physician’s offices, rehabilitation centers, restrooms, restaurants, elevators and anywhere handicap access is required.

“We implemented two of the HandiTap switches at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and are impressed with its ease of use for people in wheel chairs and on crutches,” said Mark Ray, Managing Partner at G-MAC Automatic Door & Hardware in Davenport, Iowa. “The HandiTap switch is easy to activate and works much better than similar products made by other manufacturers. We’re hoping all of our customers will want to install it at the other buildings we service.”

Larco is an ATEK Access Technologies brand and leader in access technologies for public entrances. For more information about Larco products, visit and follow them on Twitter at @ATEKLarco.

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