Push Plate Switches Defining the standard

Larco push plate switch products have long set the standard for looks, durability, budget and compatibility. Larco products offer superior form and function in all types of environments, resisting extreme weather and vandalism to provide a long-lasting door activation solution.

Stainless Steel Push Plate Switches

Larco push plate switches are perfect for any automatic door system, especially where handicap access is needed. Our stainless steel push plate switches are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with standard and custom engravings. Choose from radio controlled and hardwired switches. Accessories and mounting boxes are also available.


The standard Larco push plate switch is suitable for outdoor use but can be treated with a weather-resistant material are available for extremely wet applications.

Standard & Custom Engraving

Push plate switches are available with the standard engravings shown below. Right and left arrows and other custom engravings can be added to any push plate switch.

HandiTap Wall Switches

HandiTap 9" or 36" push plate switches replace conventional high/low switch configurations, allowing for easy activation along the entire length of the 4”-wide, curved surface from virtually any angle or height level.

Receivers & Transmitters

Larco's wide selection of transmitters and receivers have been designed for compatibility with virtually all automatic door operators and control devices. Choose from either our one, two or four channel selection of 300 MHz and 433 MHz systems.

Remote Posts

Larco remote post assemblies can accommodate any variety of push plate wall switches. Made from top-quality aluminum or heavy-duty stainless steel, they are designed to withstand tough weather conditions.

UWAV Touchless Switch

The U-WAV is a sensor switch designed for touchless activation of automatic doors, lighting controls or call points. Ideal for sterile environments such as operating rooms or clean rooms, the U-WAV provides a complete hygienic solution for many different applications.

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