Presence Sensing Total security.
Totally automatic.

In today’s world of high-tech, self-serve kiosks, ensuring user privacy is critical. Whether an individual is applying for a job, paying bills, or checking into a clinic, when they step away from a kiosk, they need to know their personal information is secure. With Larco technology, that’s guaranteed.

Kiosk Security Mats

You don’t have to rely on users to log off to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. With Larco Kiosk Security Mats, when the user steps away, the kiosk automatically locks down and paper transactions are retracted. Larco Kiosk Security Mats are easy to install, compatible with any kiosk application, and ensure compliance with HIPPA and other privacy regulations.

Standalone ATM's
Guard your privacy if you have to step off the mat

Multiple Terminals
Securely protect your information on any number of access terminals

Temporary Displays
Gives people security while using your equipment, near others

Looking for USB Mat Software? Visit our support section to download the latest version.

Dual Zone Mats

Larco manufactures Dual Zone Mat Systems are used in access portals or “man-traps”. They have two distinct zones or areas that can be used to monitor the number of people in a secured portal prior to accessing a reader, scanner or to detect when the person requesting access is in the correct location for scanning.

The mat is tied into the access device, and when an individual steps on the customer-defined primary target area, the access device is enabled. If any other area of the mat senses presence while the primary sensing area is activated, as in the case of more than one individual in the portal, the access device will remain disabled and the person, or persons, will not be allowed access to the secured area.

Custom Mats

We’ll custom design a presence-sensing system that meets your specific requirements. Our custom mats deliver all the durability and reliability you expect from Larco, for any application you can think of, including:

  • Drive Up Windows
  • Revolving Entry Doors
  • Vehicle Detection & Position Verification
  • Cash Register Security
  • Toll Booth Activation
  • Car Wash Activation
  • Process Signaling
  • Passenger Control & Ticketing
  • Hazard Avoidance
  • Data Collection

Call 800-523-6996 now to discuss your application with one of our Customer Care Team members or email us.

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