Easy Maintenance for Industrial Environments

Recommended Cleaners:

Most good quality industrial cleaners/degreasers are acceptable. NOTE: cleaning solutions that contain phosphates, chlorine, organic solvents or mineral spirits should NOT be used.Be sure to read and follow all manufacturers’ directions, recommendations, warnings and proper disposal procedures for all cleaning solutions.Wear all recommended safety equipment.

Pressure Washing:

Remove any loose debris from the mat surface before beginning the cleaning process.Use a flat fan spray nozzle with a pattern angle of 15 degrees or larger.Keep spray distance 12 inches (305 mm) or more away from the mat surface.Spray pressure should not exceed 1,500 psi (103.4 Bar)Water temperature should not exceed 190o F (88o C)Keep the spray pattern moving; do not concentrate it in one location for an extended period of time.Heavily soiled mats should be pre-soaked for 10 minutes with the mixed cleaning solution. Areas can be brushed with a hand utility brush.When cleaning is completed, rinse with clean water.

Steam Cleaning:

Use the same operating recommendations as shown in the pressure washing cleaning section

Good Cleaning Practices Should be Utilized During Cleaning Operations

Wear safety glasses and all recommended safety gear.Install safety signs indicating wet floors.Install safety barriers where required.Turn off required electrical connections.Cover all equipment that can be damaged by cleaning.Be sure the area is completely dry before removing safety barriers and signs and restoring electrical connections.

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