How can I protect the wall behind/around my push plate switch?

In very high traffic installations, environment (rec center, emergency rooms, etc.) can cause people to activate push plate switches so hard that the cover plate may damage the drywall behind it. A surface mounted box and switch may be an option , or in some instances, shimming the wall switch allows enough clearance. But Larco has you covered:

Based on customer feedback, Larco has developed a "Dress Wall Protector" plate for our 6" stainless steel press wall switches. It is intended for installations where the traffic is high and activation pressure may be excessive. In either case, the dress wall protector will prevent damage to the surrounding wall dry wall caused by "chaotic" activation of the switches. The part number is 0022828700. You can also check out the Larco UWAV for more options.


Dress Wall Protector U-WAV Touchless Switch

Part #0022828700 Part #0033681700, Gray

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