What trim is best for my installation?

ANSI/BHMA A156.10 standards call for the trim to have a width equal to four (4) times the thickness of the mat. This means for a half inch thick mat, the trim would have to be at least two inches wide at a minimum.

Other considerations:

What type of edge attachment does the mat have? Some trim is designed to "rest" on the gradual tapered edge of the mat, while other trim "traps" the mat, and still others "lock" the mat in place.What type of traffic and loads are anticipated? Grocery stores have heavy foot traffic and heavy loads (shopping carts). Hospitals require a more gradual ramp, with less foot traffic but heavy loads (hospital beds and wheel chairs).

Choose a trim that will best meet the needs of the installation. Generally speaking, if heavy loads are expected, use a trim element that has additional internal support and will provide the best slope angle to disperse the weight evenly.

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